"I could tell you in detail about my fantastic experience at Jackson & Connor, but instead I'd recommend this: stop by and start a fantastic experience of your own. Don't walk in worrying about purchasing anything. Just have a look. Look around. Really look around. Lots of variety and hidden gems you may not see from the perimeter. Dig in deep. When the staff ask to help you, say 'sure!' Ask questions. Answer theirs. Have fun with them. Engage. Then, when you're done, soak it all up, take it all in and go from there.

That's what I was able to do earlier this month, and tonight I went back and made my first Jackson & Connor purchase. A sport coat, two shirts, a pocket square and some trousers. All tailored to my style and to my body. Great quality. But style and quality are not what has turned me into a new, loyal customer. It is the owner, Will, his staff and the impeccable and phenomenal service they have provided me that has put the biggest smile on my face.

Will, you had me a 'safely quirky'. Thank you."

"I would like to thank Will for the help of picking out suits for my wedding. The amount of dedication and attention to detail of what I wanted was on point. I now live out of state and he was in constant contact and mailed me my suits and the extra things i needed at the last moment. This is the reason why this store is so on point. And why I continue to buy here even being 300 miles away. I highly recommend this store to anybody who is looking for the new sophisticated and new styles. We just wanted to Thank you Once again!"

"Being a man of very modest means a store such as Jackson & Connor would have been one that I normally would pass by. I'm glad I didn't. Not only do they have style options in a variety of price ranges, but the quality is superb. Saving to spend a little extra here goes miles beyond buying lower quality standards in other places. But it is not the variety of style or the quality that has quickly turned me into a new and expectedly loyal customer. It is the flawless service that Will and his team provide. Their fun, playful personalities; their honest, down-to-earth approach; their extensive product knowledge and resources; their genuine desire to see you smile - whether you're just stopping buy or making a purchase. All without pretense, without judgement, without pressure. An experience unlike anything I have experienced in any business anywhere. Period."

"Jackson & Connor has some of the best customer service I have ever received. The clothes are wonderful and very well made. I will be a regular customer here."

"I find that an upscale men's clothing shop where you have a great selection and you can feel completely comfortable in the surroundings is a tough thing to come by. I've always had great experiences at Jackson & Connor and feel completely at ease there.

J&C feels like a bit of a throwback in time to when customer service was as important as selection. If you want to look good and feel good doing it, I can't recommend it enough."

"My boyfriend and I went to J&C to get a shirt and tie for a wedding we were attending in Austin Texas. Tara, Will...were amazing and styled an ensemble we would never put together on our own. The tailoring was done quickly and fit like a glove. The J&C team is the best at what they do!!!"
- S

"If you are looking for a positive experience don't look any further than J&C. Although I do not do much clothes shopping, I still need decent clothes to add to my wardrobe. Northampton is truly blessed to have this gem of a store located in Thornes Market."
- K

"My hat is off to Tara, she helped me with advice on what jacket to wear with casual clothes and the jacket she picked for me is the best looking ad fitting I have ever bought. This is the place to go to for personal treatment and guidance, period. Thanks Tara, I will spread the word."
- S

"I went in with my wife to shop for clothes here and fell in love with this store. The service is spot on and the clothing is top of the line. It was nice to be in a store where menswear was the only priority and not an afterthought. The clothes are expensive, but high quality and worth the extra money. Tailoring is also free for full price items and a very good rate for sale pieces. I will be back for sure, great place to buy really stylish clothes. Five stars!"
- D

"Will and his exceptional service are worth coming in for alone! My boyfriend will only shop at Jackson now! We love this store!"
- K

"It's my favorite place to shop due to its very nice selection, attentive staff/owners, good sales, and lots of American-made and some union made staples and high fashion for men."
- M

"I can't walk down the street without someone asking me "Where did you get that?" And I say, "J&C in Northampton."
- K

"As a woman who doesn't wear dresses, I was so glad I shopped at J&C for a formal wedding I was invited to this fall. ...the staff understood the look I was going for, and helped me find the perfect suit that didn't make me look like I was going to work, dressing in drag, or wearing my dad's clothes. This required hunting down a rare size XS jacket and sending the shirt to be tailored twice, but I got the feeling they would spare no effort to help me look and feel like my best self. J&C is by far my favorite (not-just-for) men's clothing store around."
- E