Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Fashion Guide 2014

Last week, the Daily Hampshire Gazette published its annual Fall Fashion issue for the Pioneer Valley, and the Jackson & Connor spread looked fantastic! You can check it out here.

We typically shoot one model in two different outfits, so this time to try something different, we did two models in two outfits.

Mary Carol Skinner is a good friend of the store, and blew it out of the water with this outfit:

Mary Carol wore Alberto Ceramica five-pocket pants -- a remarkable trouser. They're made entirely of synthetics, and yet they still breathe, have an open, woolly hand and work dressed up or down, any season but the dead of winter. The textured white shirt with cuff detailing comes from Luchiano Visconti, as does the vest. We love this one -- the lining is a nautical print featuring old sailboats, knots, harpoons and the like. The water repellent belted double-breasted black trench coat is from Ralph Lauren, and features a quilted button/zip-out lining to adjust for the wide range of temperatures we get in fall.

Kevin Ward is a newcomer at Jackson & Connor, and willingly offered himself up as our modeling guinea pig.

Kevin wore a Fezza medium gray nailhead two-piece, two-button suit, and wore it well. These suits have been cutting slim, but they're a great price, and work well on a slender frame. The Shirt is by Luchiano Visconti, the necktie is Braemore Neckwear, one of the newer lines at Jackson & Connor, but a big favorite of ours (and of our customers). Each necktie is handmade in their Canadian factory, and they feature twelve hand-stitchers just to put the finishing thread down the center of the seam. The boutonniere and silk pocket square are from Edward Armah -- Edward is one of the nicest guys in the industry, and one of the most creative. His innovative pocket rounds, boutonnieres, carte-poche and other items were already a smash hit -- now he's introduced leather goods and accessories, neckties, hats, and a robust array of new patterns. Just check out some shots of Edward's booth at the S/S 2014 MRket show:

 Pretty cool, huh? Our models were amazing -- thanks to them both! More shoots coming up, including a big stay tuned.



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