Thursday, July 9, 2015

Behind the Scenes

We LOVE to get involved with photo shoots and neat events, and we frequently take pictures behind-the-scenes. As is the case with a lot of these shoots (especially the bridal-themed ones that get published online), we have to wait until after it's released by the photo agency before we post any photos. Only thing is, we always forget to post the behind-the-scenes pictures. So, we've got some for you today. Check it out! I took all these with my phone, but I'd still like to take a moment to thank Carol and Rita from the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Dani. Fine Photography and Love & Perry Photography for working with us at these stunning locations!

Fall Fashion Guide 2014

We've mentioned this shoot before too -- but it has been a little while! We were so excited to work with longtime customer and dear friend of the store, Mary Carol Skinner for this shoot for the 2014 Fall Fashion Guide from the Daily Hampshire Gazette. We met up with Rita and Carol from the Gazette for this session at Skinner State Park, and we're up on top of Skinner Mountain for all of these shots (appropriately named considering our model!). Will snapped all of these shots using a lens kit for his iPhone, so forgive the it artistic (or something).

(That cuff detail!)

(BAMF, obviously)

(View of the Connecticut River from top of Skinner Mountain)

The Mount Shoot

This was a great photo shoot to get involved with -- so many talented folks turned out for this one! We talked about this shoot in an earlier post, but we were honored to work with Dani. Fine Photography, Forget-Me-Not Florist, Larissa Lake Makeup Artist, McTeigue & McClelland Jewelry, and so many more. It was a beautiful day, and it was so great to finally get out to The Mount.

(These three were in the main dining room)

(One of the many exquisitely decorated seating rooms next to the library)

(The front entryway)

(The gardens)

(View of the main house from the gardens).

Spring Fashion Guide 2015

We met up once again with Rita and Carol from the Gazette to work with our friend Cody Tannen-Barrup for the Spring '15 Fashion Guide. Cody was as genial as he was photogenic, so it was really a great time.

(Kari Dahl making a silly face in the background)

Coming soon - The Wheatleigh Inn Shots

This is all you get to see for now, because this shoot hasn't been published yet! I've got a few select amazing behind-the-scenes shots from this one too...but for now you'll have to wait...

Friday, June 5, 2015

Look Good, Feel Good!

It's that time again! Our Spring sale is here -- Look Good, Feel Good! Until June 14th, our full-priced gear is all 30% off, and a portion of your purchase will go to one of three local charities: Dakin Humane Society, The United Way of Hampshire County and CHD's Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County -- your choice. Come in and get some excellent gear at a great price, and do some good in our community.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


This spring, Jackson & Connor revived our shoe program, which was effectively dead for 5 years. The main problem we faced as a small business (with a limited amount of floor space) was that our shoe companies didn't really want to play ball with the little guy. They want huge order minimums, size minimums, and/or dollar minimums that we were unable to keep up with...especially since there wasn't room in the budget for those kinds of demands as well as clothing demands (and you don't need to store clothes in boxes).

But in those five years, we've had so many folks come in trying just trying to find a pair of nice shoes. We've had so many folks in search of the right shoe -- not your basic, run-of-the-mill gummy-soled, chunky shoe...they something a little nicer, a little more special (even if you're looking for something more casual). "Where can I find something like that?" And we'd have to turn you away.

Search no more. Jackson & Connor is excited to introduce Lloyd Shoes and BedStu, two new lines for us here at the shop making incredible shoes. The Lloyd line is nothing short of remarkable. Started in the late 1800's, this company has endured the test of time and sells a million pair of shoes in Germany alone every year (not counting for any other part of Europe, or North America, where they've started to branch out). These shoes are a godsend -- they're Goodyear welted (so you can resole them over and over again), with either rubber or leather soles (depending on your preference), and they mold to the shape of your foot within a day. The pairs Will has purchased molded to his feet in about three hours. and the feel is so comfortable.

While Lloyd makes some neat casual shoes, we prefer them for their dressier models...perfect for a suit, sport coat/trouser combination and the like. You can even spiff up their suedes...take a look:



BedStu on the other hand is not nearly as dressy. This is a much more denim-oriented line, that starts with a dressier shoe that is then hand-distressed and burnished. They have a unique bend in the toe that also puts them in a more relaxed category of shoe, especially with that lightly weathered look. We wanted to balance the shoe offering between a line that was more formal, and another that is more casual. BedStu provides us with that level of casual shoe that you can also dress up if you want. But don't kid yourself -- while the BedStu shoes are at a more competitive price point, they don't skimp on quality. When you pick one of these up, it's quickly clear that you're holding a solid hunk of shoe. It's a durable shoe that also boasts a Goodyear when you invest your dollars in these shoes, you're purchasing years of potential wearability. We're all about quality for the dollars, and both of these lines deliver. Take a peek at what we've got from BedStu:




Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jackson & Connor Ties: Spring 2015

Hi again, Folks!

If you've been in the shop lately or if you've checked out our facebook page, you've probably heard us (read: Will) gushing about our brand new line of neckwear. For the first time ever, Jackson & Connor is having specialty ties made specifically for the shop, and sold under our own Jackson & Connor label. The coolest thing about this line is how it's split -- one part of the line is a series of stunning silk satin ties printed and made in Como, Italy. The other part of the line is a collection of silk and cotton skinny ties, made in Manhattan.

We decided to tack in these two different directions because it provided us with a rich variety of neckwear; the Italian-made ties are more traditional in terms of width, and the American-made ties are funkier, younger, and more modern. The difference in materials is also pretty pronounced; the skinny ties are a little more funky and rugged with their cotton prints, while the Italian silk ties are rich, luxurious and so soft to the touch. Check out this season's offerings:

Each "Jackson & Connor" label is actually printed onto the tie and color-matched to the tie's pallet.


And this is our NYC-made line of ties. We split this up between silk wovens and cotton prints. We love the bright retro florals done up as a nice modern, skinny tie. These American-made ties are fresh and bright -- simply stunning. Take a look: