Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jackson & Connor Ties: Spring 2015

Hi again, Folks!

If you've been in the shop lately or if you've checked out our facebook page, you've probably heard us (read: Will) gushing about our brand new line of neckwear. For the first time ever, Jackson & Connor is having specialty ties made specifically for the shop, and sold under our own Jackson & Connor label. The coolest thing about this line is how it's split -- one part of the line is a series of stunning silk satin ties printed and made in Como, Italy. The other part of the line is a collection of silk and cotton skinny ties, made in Manhattan.

We decided to tack in these two different directions because it provided us with a rich variety of neckwear; the Italian-made ties are more traditional in terms of width, and the American-made ties are funkier, younger, and more modern. The difference in materials is also pretty pronounced; the skinny ties are a little more funky and rugged with their cotton prints, while the Italian silk ties are rich, luxurious and so soft to the touch. Check out this season's offerings:

Each "Jackson & Connor" label is actually printed onto the tie and color-matched to the tie's pallet.


And this is our NYC-made line of ties. We split this up between silk wovens and cotton prints. We love the bright retro florals done up as a nice modern, skinny tie. These American-made ties are fresh and bright -- simply stunning. Take a look:




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