Thursday, July 9, 2015

Behind the Scenes

We LOVE to get involved with photo shoots and neat events, and we frequently take pictures behind-the-scenes. As is the case with a lot of these shoots (especially the bridal-themed ones that get published online), we have to wait until after it's released by the photo agency before we post any photos. Only thing is, we always forget to post the behind-the-scenes pictures. So, we've got some for you today. Check it out! I took all these with my phone, but I'd still like to take a moment to thank Carol and Rita from the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Dani. Fine Photography and Love & Perry Photography for working with us at these stunning locations!

Fall Fashion Guide 2014

We've mentioned this shoot before too -- but it has been a little while! We were so excited to work with longtime customer and dear friend of the store, Mary Carol Skinner for this shoot for the 2014 Fall Fashion Guide from the Daily Hampshire Gazette. We met up with Rita and Carol from the Gazette for this session at Skinner State Park, and we're up on top of Skinner Mountain for all of these shots (appropriately named considering our model!). Will snapped all of these shots using a lens kit for his iPhone, so forgive the it artistic (or something).

(That cuff detail!)

(BAMF, obviously)

(View of the Connecticut River from top of Skinner Mountain)

The Mount Shoot

This was a great photo shoot to get involved with -- so many talented folks turned out for this one! We talked about this shoot in an earlier post, but we were honored to work with Dani. Fine Photography, Forget-Me-Not Florist, Larissa Lake Makeup Artist, McTeigue & McClelland Jewelry, and so many more. It was a beautiful day, and it was so great to finally get out to The Mount.

(These three were in the main dining room)

(One of the many exquisitely decorated seating rooms next to the library)

(The front entryway)

(The gardens)

(View of the main house from the gardens).

Spring Fashion Guide 2015

We met up once again with Rita and Carol from the Gazette to work with our friend Cody Tannen-Barrup for the Spring '15 Fashion Guide. Cody was as genial as he was photogenic, so it was really a great time.

(Kari Dahl making a silly face in the background)

Coming soon - The Wheatleigh Inn Shots

This is all you get to see for now, because this shoot hasn't been published yet! I've got a few select amazing behind-the-scenes shots from this one too...but for now you'll have to wait...