On the surface, it seems like menswear styles move so slowly -- from two-button to three-button, from side-vent to center-vent. But, if you look a little deeper, you'll start to see the differences. We're always trying to strike a careful balance. Balancing solids and patterns, colorways, materials and weights, casual and formal, proportion and width -- there are so many moving parts when it comes to men's style.
Photo Credit: Tanja Schlosser Lippert

These days, men are not known for paying attention to such a slow-moving target. Really, it doesn't matter how you dress, we can always help you wear the clothes that best fit your personality and your physique...that's why we're here! We provide a simpler way to navigate the ins and outs of menswear, and -- more importantly -- the knowledge it takes to do it yourself.

We're committed to offering a broad range of styles and prices. Everything from jeans, tees, polo shirts, lounge pants and bathrobes to sport coats, dress trousers, bow ties and custom made-to-measure suits. Whether you've got a getaway planned for Cape Cod or that final make-or-break interview scheduled, we'll get you looking exquisitely dapper...for any occasion.

Some of our lines:
-Bill's Khakis -Agave -Ibiza -Jack Victor -TALLIA Orange -Alex Cannon -Borgo 28 -Barbour
-Alberto -New England Shirt Company -Stone Rose -Report Collection -Luchiano Visconti
-Joe's Jeans -MINE Apparel -True Grit -Cole + Parker -Barbara Blank -Jack Sartori New York
-Carrot & Gibbs -OoOTIE -Shore & Singer -Avallone Leather -Gala Trousers -Edward Armah



We offer full tailoring services. Anything that can be done to a jacket, trousers or vest, we can do. We work with a classically trained tailor with extensive experience in both men's and women's alterations. Our offered alterations:

-Jackets: take in or let out sides, center seam, sleeves, shorten overall length, shorten or lengthen collar, shorten straps, resew buttons
-Trousers: length, waist, seat, crotch (rise), narrow or (if previously narrowed) widen the leg
-Shirts: sides, sleeves shorten or lengthen, overall shirt length, darts, convert to banded collar or short-sleeve
-Vests: take in through the sides, shorten straps

Tailoring comes back in twice a week: On Wednesdays by 1:00 pm, and Saturdays by 2:00 pm. We'll always call you as soon as we get your garments back in the shop from our tailor.

 Tailoring makes the garment yours, but it's more than just that. Everyone likes something different when it comes to pant length & width, sleeve length, how a jacket fits through the body -- there's a great deal of detail and finesse to pay attention to when it comes to molding a jacket to its owner. We pay careful attention not just to the garment and the customer's frame, but to the owner's preferences. We mark and alter suits, sportcoats, vests, trousers, shirts, coats...even jeans. It's one thing to buy a small, medium, or a large, and it's entirely something else to fit a garment to your body.

We'll work with you on your wardrobe, which pieces work (which ones don't), how to match them up, and how to come up with inventive new combinations on your own. We'll work with you on your wedding, graduation, job interview, or even just to find some nice linen shirts to bring with you on your vacation to the beach...we've got you covered.


We'd love to work with you -- and your wardrobe -- so stop by Jackson & Connor and see what we can do for you.

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