Although we're not a tailor's shop, at Jackson & Connor we offer free alterations for any full-price item you purchase from us in the store. If something is on sale, we'll just charge you what our tailor charges us, nothing more. We are always happy to re-tailor items that have been purchased from us!!

 Due to the high volume of our own goods going out to the tailor, we are not able to tailor personal items, or items purchased elsewhere.
 For personal items, we recommend Sew Good (413-584-6193) at 137 Damon Road, or
 Nadia's Alterations (413-582-9001) at 518 Pleasant Street (both in Northampton) for your personal items.

You just bought yourself a fresh new suit. Excellent...there's nothing quite like a crisp suit to make you feel sharp and confident. That garment you have might be $300, it might be $3,000, but the thing that will set it apart is how it's fitted to your body. If you're sagging in the seat, boxy through the torso, or (this happens most commonly) too long in the pant, it's going to show. Do yourself a favor, look as good as you actually do, and get that thing tailored.

The Skinny on Tailoring:

  • Turnaround on tailoring is typically 7-10 days, though we can rush items through for an additional $25 charge.
  • We suggest giving yourself a good two to three weeks to allow for enough time. 
  • We cannot do alterations same-day.
  • Alterations return from our tailor twice weekly: on Wednesdays by 2:00 pm, and on Saturdays by 2:00 pm
  • We'll always call you as soon as we get your garments back in the shop from our tailor.
  • If you need tailored items shipped, we do that, too...just ask us when you're getting pinned up or cashed out, it's a $10 flat charge.

The Jacket

For obvious reasons, the jacket tailoring needs to be spot-on. If you're wearing one, chances are it's the first thing other folks will notice (other than your spectacular tie, and superb grooming, of course). That means your suit should always be wrinkle-free, clean and -- above all -- fitted. When we talk about being "fitted," we don't mean super duper slim fit necessarily (unless that's your thing). We're talking about fitting the jacket to you, and to your body. If it's tight through the button, we might need to let out a little. If it's long in the sleeve, we'll adjust that. The most important thing about a jacket's fit is how it works on the shoulders. It should sit flush against the curve of your shoulder and the upper bicep with no puckering, dimpling or ridging. If you notice deep pits below the top of the shoulder pad with little indentations along the top of the shoulder seam, it's too tight. If it looks like you've got a pair of wings sitting on your shoulders extending far beyond your upper arm, then it's too big. Nearly everything else we can tweak...but the shoulders have to be correct from the start.

Jacket Alterations we offer:
- Shorten the straps
- Lower the collar
- Shorten the jacket
- Shorten or lengthen the sleeves
- Take in or let out the sides & center
- Take in or let out the side seams
- Take in or let out the center seam

The Trouser

Just like a jacket, a trouser should be fitted to you and your physique. If you've got narrower legs, we can slim down a pant. If' it's too tight in the waist but fits perfectly everywhere else, we'll just let out the waist -- most trousers give us about 2" to work with in the waist and seat. We can shorten the inseam to any length you like, and our tailor always keeps extra material on the inside of the leg in case you'd like it changed. There's a lot we can do with dress pants! By in large, we recommend doing a plain bottom, especially if you're wearing a flat-front pant (which is the only kind we sell!).

Trouser alterations we offer:
- Take in or let out waist, seat & crotch
- Take in or let out waist
- Take in or let out seat
- Take in crotch
- Lengthen or shorten pants with or without cuffs
- Slim down the trouser leg

The Shirt

If there's one thing that I hear from all guys of all builds, is that they have a hell of a time finding a shirt that fits them. It needs to be right in the body (not too boxy or loose, because it's not a pillowcase), correct in the sleeve (you don't have gorilla arms, but it might look like it with those sleeves up on your forearms), comfortable through the collar, long enough (or short enough) -- the list goes on. Shirts can be adjusted, too!

Shirt alterations we offer:
- Take in sides
- Take in the sleeves
- Shorten the sleeves
- Take in through darts
- Shorten the shirt
- Remove collar and turn into a banded collar shirt

The Vest

We love a good vest. As a three-piece, it allows you to have multiple layers and take some off (while still looking amazing), and when done up with a solid suit or a nice pair of jeans, a vest can look amazing. But, like most other things, we can tailor this up so it fits you just so.  There's not much to the vest, make sure it fits through the body and overall. If you feel like the chest is puckering out, it's because the straps are too long, and if it feels to big through the body, it just needs to be slimmed down.

Vest alterations we offer:
- Take in vest sides
- Shorten vest straps

The Jeans

Yes! You can tailor jeans! Like trousers, we can make jeans fit nicely, too. Our tailor does jean hemming, and keeps the original hem on your jeans, so if you have some lovely orange contrast stitch, you can still keep it on your hem. Additionally, she can pinch a little and take in the waist (this only works if the seat is lying flat, as well), and on certain jeans, she can also narrow the legs slightly.

Jean alterations we offer:
- Shorten jeans with original hem
- Pinch waist
- Narrow legs

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