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A perfect stranger came to Jackson & Connor on a Saturday afternoon and said, "I'm going to take my wife for a surprise date. I haven't done this since we were dating, we've had three kids, and I really want to delight her. I want to look really sharp, and I thought this would be a great place to do that. Can you help me out?"

We went to work.

"I love this," he said, as he handed me a dark blue shirt. We picked out some pants that went perfectly. He found some socks he loved, and a stunning black leather duffle, some pocket squares...45 minutes later, he loved most of the things in the store.

He was almost in shock. "This was the best clothing shopping experience I've...ever had. I felt great coming in, I felt so comfortable working with you, and I love what I'm taking home with me. Thank you."

That's what we do at Jackson & Connor. We provide a stunning curated selection of men's clothing and accessories -- from jeans and tees to sport coats and custom suits. We're dedicated to providing the best possible service, a warm atmosphere, personal attention, and a discerning eye for details.

Most importantly, we love to do what we do -- it's our passion to work with our customers. Our little store on the 2nd Floor of Thornes Marketplace in downtown Northampton is always buzzing. Stop by J&C, and see what menswear is all about.

If you want incredible upscale menswear, you have to go upstairs to Jackson & Connor.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Look Good, Feel Good!

It's that time again! Our Spring sale is here -- Look Good, Feel Good! Until June 14th, our full-priced gear is all 30% off, and a portion of your purchase will go to one of three local charities: Dakin Humane Society, The United Way of Hampshire County and CHD's Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County -- your choice. Come in and get some excellent gear at a great price, and do some good in our community.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


This spring, Jackson & Connor revived our shoe program, which was effectively dead for 5 years. The main problem we faced as a small business (with a limited amount of floor space) was that our shoe companies didn't really want to play ball with the little guy. They want huge order minimums, size minimums, and/or dollar minimums that we were unable to keep up with...especially since there wasn't room in the budget for those kinds of demands as well as clothing demands (and you don't need to store clothes in boxes).

But in those five years, we've had so many folks come in trying just trying to find a pair of nice shoes. We've had so many folks in search of the right shoe -- not your basic, run-of-the-mill gummy-soled, chunky shoe...they something a little nicer, a little more special (even if you're looking for something more casual). "Where can I find something like that?" And we'd have to turn you away.

Search no more. Jackson & Connor is excited to introduce Lloyd Shoes and BedStu, two new lines for us here at the shop making incredible shoes. The Lloyd line is nothing short of remarkable. Started in the late 1800's, this company has endured the test of time and sells a million pair of shoes in Germany alone every year (not counting for any other part of Europe, or North America, where they've started to branch out). These shoes are a godsend -- they're Goodyear welted (so you can resole them over and over again), with either rubber or leather soles (depending on your preference), and they mold to the shape of your foot within a day. The pairs Will has purchased molded to his feet in about three hours. and the feel is so comfortable.

While Lloyd makes some neat casual shoes, we prefer them for their dressier models...perfect for a suit, sport coat/trouser combination and the like. You can even spiff up their suedes...take a look:



BedStu on the other hand is not nearly as dressy. This is a much more denim-oriented line, that starts with a dressier shoe that is then hand-distressed and burnished. They have a unique bend in the toe that also puts them in a more relaxed category of shoe, especially with that lightly weathered look. We wanted to balance the shoe offering between a line that was more formal, and another that is more casual. BedStu provides us with that level of casual shoe that you can also dress up if you want. But don't kid yourself -- while the BedStu shoes are at a more competitive price point, they don't skimp on quality. When you pick one of these up, it's quickly clear that you're holding a solid hunk of shoe. It's a durable shoe that also boasts a Goodyear welt...so when you invest your dollars in these shoes, you're purchasing years of potential wearability. We're all about quality for the dollars, and both of these lines deliver. Take a peek at what we've got from BedStu:




Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jackson & Connor Ties: Spring 2015

Hi again, Folks!

If you've been in the shop lately or if you've checked out our facebook page, you've probably heard us (read: Will) gushing about our brand new line of neckwear. For the first time ever, Jackson & Connor is having specialty ties made specifically for the shop, and sold under our own Jackson & Connor label. The coolest thing about this line is how it's split -- one part of the line is a series of stunning silk satin ties printed and made in Como, Italy. The other part of the line is a collection of silk and cotton skinny ties, made in Manhattan.

We decided to tack in these two different directions because it provided us with a rich variety of neckwear; the Italian-made ties are more traditional in terms of width, and the American-made ties are funkier, younger, and more modern. The difference in materials is also pretty pronounced; the skinny ties are a little more funky and rugged with their cotton prints, while the Italian silk ties are rich, luxurious and so soft to the touch. Check out this season's offerings:

Each "Jackson & Connor" label is actually printed onto the tie and color-matched to the tie's pallet.


And this is our NYC-made line of ties. We split this up between silk wovens and cotton prints. We love the bright retro florals done up as a nice modern, skinny tie. These American-made ties are fresh and bright -- simply stunning. Take a look:



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

News from the Front

Hi Folks!

It's been a while since we posted on the blog, so I thought I'd just fill you dapper folks in on some of the goings-on at Jackson & Connor!

The Annual Best Buddies Fashion Show was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this incredible annual fundraiser. We've been working with Best Buddies of Western MA for years on producing this spectacular fashion show. This year, we had about 17 student participants, and a dozen different sponsors who generously donated their time, energy, goods and just plain old help to pull this amazing event off. We had support from Best Buddies of W. MA, Ode, 25 Central, Salon Herdis, Thornes Marketplace, Rao's, Paul & Elizabeth's, The People's Pint, The Lady Killigrew Cafe, Dani. Fine Photography and Forget-Me-Not Florist.

The students are always so excited to get decked out in all the finery (provided by Ode, 25 Central and yours truly), and to have a huge group of supporters cheering for them and supporting them -- it's a really magical night. If you weren't able to make it out this year, we do it every April! Already looking forward to next year...check out some of the great shots provided by Dani. Fine Photography.





Best of the Valley 2015 goes to Jackson & Connor once again for best local store for men's fashions! We're so so lucky to be voted in for the fourth consecutive year (our fifth overall win out of six years we were eligible for the award) by our wonderful, brilliant customers. We're so very lucky to have you -- thank you so very much for all of your years of support and friendship.

(From left: Kari Dahl, Will Brideau, Marisa Gold)
 (Original photo and caption): Will Brideau, owner of Jackson and Connor, says the store aims to provide everything one would need to look sharp for work or an event — “men’s style, soup to nuts.” “We try to be a haberdashery in the truest sense of the word,” says Brideau. Brideau says customers who come in end up bonding with the employees, who work really hard to help them find exactly what they’re looking for. “Our service — that’s really where we hang our hat.”


The Mount Shoot - Jackson & Connor was honored & privileged to work with Dani. Fine Photography on a styled wedding shoot at The Mount, Edith Wharton's home in Lenox, MA. The shots were simply stunning! You can click here for the original article, but be sure to take a gander at a few of these first:

Our model's first look:
Jack Victor windowpane plaid sport coat, Forsyth of Canada ivory shirt, Braemore Neckwear silk paisley tie,
Edward Armah boutonniere, Barbara Blank NY silk hand-rolled pocket square, Giorginni trousers


Our model's second look:
Tallia Orange charcoal grey flannel suit, Luchiano Visconti velvet vest,
Ingram shirting, Braemore Neckwear wool tie, Edward Armah boutonniere and pocket square



Upcoming Styled Shoot - We were recently asked to do a styled shoot at the Wheatleigh Inn in Lenox, MA! We're working with a fun team of stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe consultants. Jackson & Connor will be responsible for styling all of the menswear at the shoot. The shoot happens next week, and we'll post pictures and tell you all about it here when it publishes!


Upcoming Event: Valley Wed - Valley Wed is a remarkable wedding expo for all our lovely local Pioneer Valley folks. They sum it up best on their website:

"Valley Wed was created with the goal of inspiring connections and honoring your style with a locally sourced approach. It's designed especially for couples that value local businesses, personal relationships and exceptional products and services. 

From rustic to elegant, casual to classic, you’ll find bakers, photographers, DJs, event planners, musicians, officiants, florists, caterers and other highly skilled independent professionals to help you plan your wedding in the Pioneer Valley!"

Jackson & Connor is proud and excited to be the menswear vendor for Valley Wed, helping your dashing grooms avoid the boring and ill-fitting in favor of something with a little more character -- and a little more class.

There's so much going on! Keep tuned for more updates, folks!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Stinks Sale

Winter stinks. This winter (more than any other in recent memory), I feel like the folks coming into Jackson & Connor are just totally burned out by the winter, ready for it all to be over. The cold, the snow, the cold and the snow, the momentary thaw followed by colder cold than the cold we had before (so that everything turns to ice and becomes deadly), followed by everyone's favorite -- more snow.

That's why we went this direction...Winter stinks, but you can save some serious money on your fall favorites, at prices 50%-75% off. Craaaaazy. Especially winter in New England looks like it'll stretch on into late April/early May, you'll get some good use out of this stuff. Come check out some of the great finds now through March 8th!